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Sheffield Park Exhibit Areas
Sheffield Park Exhibit Area on Shakespeare Court (later, West Model Area)

Photo 1 Ardsley sample home. (8/18/2007)
Photo 2 Arlington sample home. (8/18/2007)
Photo 3 Bradford sample home. (8/18/2007)
Photo 4 Norfolk sample home. (8/18/2007)
Photo 5 Northbrook sample home. (8/18/2007)
Photo 6 Kensignton sample home. (8/18/2007)
Photo 7 Sheffield sample home. (8/18/2007)

Sheffield Park East Exhibit Area on Tyburn Drive (later, East Model Area)
Reserved for future photos.

Abbington Place
Photo 1 View from Parker Drive. (8/18/2007)

Amherst Drive
Photo 1 Looking west from Ellington Drive. (8/18/2007)
Photo 2 Looking east from Ellington Drive. (8/18/2007)

Arklow Place
Photo 1 View from Tamworth Place. (8/18/2007)

Aspen Court
Photo 1 View from Aspen Drive. (8/18/2007)

Aspen Drive
Photo 1 Homes pictured left to right are the Sheffield, Norfolk, and Bradford models. (8/18/2007)

Braintree Drive
Photo 1 View from Elgin Lane. (8/18/2007)

Bristol Lane
Photo 1 Parker Drive becomes Bristol Lane just east of Salem Drive (sign incorrectly indicates Parker Lane).  Pictured is an Arlington model. (8/18/2007)
Photo 2 View from southerly end of cul-de-sac.  Pictured left to right are the Fairfield, Arlington, and Norfolk models. (8/18/2007)

Cloverdale Court
Photo 1 Cloverdale Court, off Cloverdale Lane, is built as somewhat of a peninsula into a marshlands area.  Pictured is the marshy area separating Cloverdale Court from Cloverdale Lane. (8/18/2007)
Photo 2 Additional view described in Photo 1. (8/18/2007)

Covington Place
Photo 1 View of rear of a Fairfield model from Elgin Lane. (8/18/2007)

Cumberland Drive
Photo 1 (8/18/2007)
Photo 2 (8/18/2007)

Ellington Drive
Photo 1 View from Exmore Drive. Pictured left to right are the Briarwood and Fairfield models.(8/18/2007)
Photo 2 Additional view from Exmore Drive. Pictured is the Normandy model. (8/18/2007)

Elmhurst Lane
Photo 1 Canada geese migrate from one of the detention basins to the front lawn of a Norfolk model. Just beyond is a Fairfield model.  Along the curve, Elmhurst Lane becomes Iverson Lane.(8/18/2007)
Photo 2 Elmhurst Lane becomes Iverson Lane.  Rear of an Arlington model is visible, which fronts on Allison Lane. (8/18/2007)

Exham Drive
Photo 1 (8/18/2007)

Park Drive
Photo 1 View from Brixham Place. (8/18/2007)

Parker Drive
Photo 1 Looking east across Salem Drive. (8/18/2007)
Photo 2 Looking west across Salem Drive. (8/18/2007)
Photo 3 View from Argyll Lane (8/18/2007)
Photo 4 Parker Detention No. 1.  In Schaumburg, detention basins that collect street runoff are incorporated into the Schaumburg Park District system, creating green space.  Homes visible across the basin are in the neighboring Village of Hoffman Estates, named for the residential subdivision begun there in 1954. (8/18/2007)
Photo 5 Parker Detention No. 1 with drainage swale visible, view toward Bode Road intersection with Braintree Drive. (8/18/2007)
Photo 6 Parker Detention No. 3. (8/18/2007)  

Portsmouth Lane
Photo 1 View from Emerson Drive. (8/18/2007)

Salem Drive
Photo 1 View from Parker Drive, showing in-street Bike Lane. (8/18/2007)

Springinsguth Road
Photo 1 From Colwyn Drive, showing Schaumburg Bikeway System.  Springinsguth Road divides the original Sheffield Park from Sheffield Park East. (8/18/2007)


Photo 1 (8/18/2007)

Photo 1 (8/18/2007)
Photo 2 (8/18/2007)
Photo 3 Note that in Sheffield Park, the bedroom wing gable does not have the overhang that the Ardsley typically has in other communities.(8/18/2007)

Photo 1 (8/18/2007)
Photo 2 (8/18/2007)
Photo 3 (8/18/2007)
Photo 4 (8/18/2007)
Photo 5 (8/18/2007)
Photo 6 Rear of an Arlington model, bay window at left side in Family Room added by homeowner. (8/18/2007)

Photo 1 
Photo 2 With unique garage door design.  Several of these can be found throughout the community. (8/18/2007)
Photo 3 (8/18/2007)
Photo 4 (8/18/2007)

Photo 1 With box window and partial brick front. (8/18/2007)
Photo 2 Same home as in Photo 1. (8/18/2007)
Photo 3 With full brick front. (8/18/2007)

Photo 1 (8/18/2007)
Photo 2 With optional two-car garage. (8/18/2007)
Photo 3 With optional two-car garage. (8/18/2007)
Photo 4 With optional two-car garage. (8/18/2007)

Photo 1 With optional two-car garage. (8/18/2007)
Photo 2 Another view of home in Photo 1. (8/18/2007)
Photo 3 With optional two-car garage. (8/18/2007)
Photo 4 Another view of home in Photo 2. (8/18/2007)
Photo 5 With optional two-car garage. (8/18/2007)
Photo 6 With optional two-car garage. (8/18/2007)
Photo 7 With optional two-car garage. (8/18/2007)

Photo 1 (8/18/2007)

Photo 1 (8/18/2007)
Photo 2 (8/18/2007)

Photo 1 (8/18/2007)

Photo 1 (8/18/2007)

Photo 1 (8/18/2007)

Photo 1 (8/18/2007)

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