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Spelman Drive
Photo not available.

Sweet Gum Place
Photo 1 View from turn-around with grass island showing Norway and Georgetown models with Avilla behind. (12/19/2004)
Photo 2 View from turn-around showing Georgetown (foreground), Essex and Georgetown in background. (12/19/2004)
Photo 3 View from turn-around showing Briarwood model in foreground, followed by two Avilla models, Georgetown, and Essex. (12/19/2004)
Photo 4 View from turn-around, similar to Photo 3; note reinforced concrete luminaire supports used in the community. (12/19/2004)
Photo 5 View showing Essex model in foreground, followed by Avilla, Georgetown, Avilla, and Briarwood models. (12/19/2004)

Strause Court
Photo not available.

Sprouse Court
Photo not available.

Skyron Place
Photo 1 View from turn-around of Briarwood model with Georgetown and Avilla models to left.  Driveway at right is a shared driveway to two homes behind. (12/19/2004)

Sontag Way
Photo not available.


Photo 1 (12/19/2004)

Photo 1 Note the simplified front of the Briarwood model compared with the standard front of the original Buckingham model: absent are the birdhouse on the front gable, the decorative support beams for the front overhang extending from the sides of the bedroom wing, and the louvered panels flanking the entry portico. The cut stone front has also been replaced with brick for a more traditional look. (12/19/2004)
Photo 2 (12/19/2004)

Photo not available.

Photo not available.

Photo 1 In near original condition. (12/19/2004)
Photo 2 Side view of home shown in Photo 1. (12/19/2004)
Photo 3 Rear view of home shown in Photo 1. Railing shown on upper level is the Master Bedroom balcony. Front corner of another Norway model is shown in foreground. (12/19/2004)


Prototype homes for the Avilla and Norway models were built Route U.S. 50 adjacent to Levitt's Greenbriar community.  Levitt's prototype program allowed for the introduction of new designs that were open to corporate and public inspection and comment.  This feedback would help determine whether to place the new designs into production.  The Briarwood, Essex, and Georgetown models were already in the Greenbriar houseline. 

Photo 1 View from Route U.S. 50 (Lee-Jackson Memorial Highway) at Middle Ridge Drive, the entrance to Greenbriar. Prototype homes face a frontage roadway along U.S. 50.  Greenbriar sample homes are located on Melvue Court within the Greenbriar community behind the Pohickory prototype homes. (4/28/2004)
Photo 2 Side view of the Avilla prototype home. (4/28/2004)

Photo 1 Note that the front bedroom windows of the prototype home also have a lower unit at the floor.  In the production model, the lower window was eliminated and replaced with an exterior faux-railing finish (see Norway Photo 3 under The Houses section above). (4/28/2004)
Photo 2 Living Room windows of the prototype also had lower units that were eliminated in the production model. (4/28/2004)

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