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Pickering Circle
Photo 1 View at Tiverton Place toward Windermere Court.  The home in the distance is a Olde Bay Trail model (Canterbury); a Pickering Circle Ltd model can be seen to the left of this home. (1/26/2006)
Photo 2 View toward Windermere Court in the Olde Bay Trail section; Pickering Circle, Ltd begins just beyond the intersection.  The home pictured is a Canterbury model in the Olde Bay Trail section. (1/26/2006)
Photo 3 View from Windermere Court at the beginning of the Pickering Circle Ltd section. (1/26/2006)
Photo 4 Transition between Olde Bay Trail and Pickering Circle, Ltd sections.  View is from Pickering Circle toward the return loop of Pickering Circle.  The home at left is the Tennyson model from Olde Bay Trail; all homes beyond are Pickering Circle, Ltd models. (1/26/2006)
Photo 5
 Transition between Pickering Circle, Ltd and Olde Bay Trail sections.  View is of Pickering Circle toward where the loop rejoins Pickering Circle in the Olde Bay Trail section.  The homes visible opposite the intersection are Olde Bay Trail models. (1/26/2006

Tiverton Place
Photo 1 View toward Pickering Circle--Barron model at left, Bentley model from Olde Bay Trail in the distance on Pickering Circle.  Tiverton Place was constructed under the Pickering Circle, Ltd project.  However, the portion of Pickering Circle that it intersects was constructed under the Olde Bay Trail project.  (1/26/2006)


Photo 1 (4/25/2004)
Photo 2 (4/25/2004)
Photo 3 Another view of home in Photo 2. (1/26/2006)
Photo 4 Rear of home in Photo 2.(1/26/2006)
Photo 5 (1/26/2006)
Photo 6 Another view of home in Photo 5. (1/26/2006)
Photo 7 With two-car garage. (1/26/2006)
Photo 8 Another view of home in Photo 7. (1/26/2006)
Photo 9 Side view of home in Photo 7. (1/26/2006)

Photo 1 With beamed front entry and original vertical batten siding, windows, and front doors. (4/25/2004)
Photo 2 With covered front entry. (1/26/2006)
Photo 3 With covered entry and original siding and windows. (1/26/2006)
Photo 4 With beamed front entry and original vertical batten siding and windows. (1/26/2006)
Photo 5 Another view of same home in Photo 4. (1/26/2006)
Photo 6 With beamed front entry and original vertical batten siding, windows, and front doors. (1/26/2006)
Photo 7 Another view of home in Photo 6; Living Room fireplace believed to be added by homeowner.  Note in the foreground the transition between rolled curb and vertical curb, representing the demarcation of the Pickering Circle, Ltd and Olde Bay Trail construction phases. (1/26/2006)
Photo 8 Rear of home in Photos 7-8. (1/26/2006)

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