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Why ?

This web space is for the posting of information related to post-Levittown, N.Y. and Pa. communities by Levitt and Sons, Inc.--arguably, the nation's most successful homebulder, and, at one time, the largest developer of residential communities in the United States.

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Did you know that Levitt and Sons, Inc. continued to be a leader in the development of quality, yet affordable new homes well into the 1970s, after Levittown, N.Y. and Levittown, Pa.?

Did you also know that there was a third Levittown in New Jersey with about 11,000 homes?  It's now called Willingboro.

Did you know that there is even a Levittown in Puerto Rico, several Levitt communities in France outside Paris, and even a few in Spain?

There are several web sites dedicated to the first two Levittowns in New York and Pennsylvania.  But Levitt's legacy beyond the Levittowns seems barely even documented, if mentioned at all.  The goal of this site is to compile and share as much information as possible on the post-Levittown communities in the United States and abroad.  This site will feature floor plans, renderings, and photographs of Levitt houses, as well as maps and brochures from the numerous Levitt communities, along with any other information available.  The initial focus will be Bill Levitt's Levitt and Sons--both under his control and during the ITT-Levitt years up through the 1970s, following eventually with Levitt during its control by Starrett Housing Corp. in the late 1970s.  As Life magazine once said about the house of Levittown, N.Y., "expect wonderful surprises..."