Jim Smart, at the young and curious age of 9, moved into a brand new Ardsley model in the Chapel Forge section of Belair on December 1, 1965. (MORE BIO INFO HERE)


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...Reflections of growing up in a Levitt community by Jim Smart.

Opening day at Belair, October 8, 1960
Sample homes on Sussex Lane (click image to view larger size).
Source:  House & Home, January 1961

December 1, 2012

I always remember December 1. It was the day we moved into a new house in 1965 and sat on the dining room floor and ate pastries. It was a thrilling day for a 9 year-old like me. The smell and feel of a new home at Christmastime. It was a nice break from apartment life. And there we were - a young family. That was 47 years ago... Mom, Dad - I miss you both.

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