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Photo 1 Entry gate to Beaupre from the former Beaupre Estate; view from Conestoga Road. (4/15/2006)


Sample Home
Split-Level with Gable Front

Photo 1 View from Conestoga Road. (4/15/2006)
Photo 2 Another view from Conestoga Road. (4/15/2006)
Photo 3 (4/15/2006)
Photo 4 (4/15/2006)

Sample Home
Split-Level with Hip Roof Front

Photo 1 Note the original street lighting at right of the photo.  It was Levitt's standard street lighting assembly used in Levittown, Pa. and Levittown, N.J.  The aluminum pole with tapered elliptical arm is by Pfaff and Kendall of Newark, N.J.  The original luminaire is a Pemco 3-piece pendant open-reflector incandescent type. (4/15/2006)